Friday, September 25, 2009

10 facts to conclude my Raya

1. Rushing. Reached home friday night, and then the next thing I realized 'eh besok raya?'

2. Shidah tak beri duit raya (although she supposed to, sudah kerja!), but she brought us to mcd on malam raya and treated us with sundae and mcflurry.weeeee.....

3. Bangun lambat on pagi raya is a routine.

4. Ultimate stress I had the week before raya + the keserabutan sleeping hours + monthly period = three unavoided pimples on pagi raya.

5. There were 7 girls in the house, took us 3hours to get ready.Eventually, we reached atok's house (in shah alam) damn late.

6. Driving 6 hours straight to alor star after that was bloody tiring. Lagi2 with a manual car.

7. Akhirnya, dapat juga beraya with the girls yang dicintai di alor star-> Jare and Anny. Plus, A'an with his brother and his cousin.

8. And because of them, I went back home very very late dan membuat atok tidak tidur kerana menunggu saya.

9. The second and third day of raya were erda's and adam's birthday!

10. I miss my dearie pes who spent his raya in Kelantan.

Oh can I add another important point?

11. BONCET is actually the only word to describe my Raya.

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