Saturday, September 26, 2009


I was at my favourite hypermarket -> Tesco yesterday. I was wearing this new skinny i bought light grey in colour ( mind you i believe light colours make your bottom part look wider ). Then i noticed, this one dude was staring at my bottom part. I was like, wow maybe I did look good in this skinny. But then, few other people started to stare as well.I felt awkward. However, I ignored them and continue grabbing stuff with my little sister,erlisya. Suddenly, one makcik stopped exactly infront of me,turned to erlisya and said " dik, kwn awak ni (poiting at me) tak zip seluar!"


Hey yes i was embarassed 70% because of my unzipped pants, but hello aku dekat depan mata kau kuut mak cik, just tell it to my face laah. Mungkin dia sangat malu dgn situation itu? or she's afraid i will be offended? alah, tak zip seluar...biasa lah kan? Haha.

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