Thursday, July 16, 2009

Like what Lily had - Burgersm

After we finished our full-solid dinner, we called up the waiter asking for the bil..

we: Excuse me, bil?
waiter (who happened to walk pass our table) : Huh?
we: Erm, bil?
waiter : Urm, I AM Bill..
we: Huh...(looking at his nametag -> Bill ) ARE Bill,hehe can I have the bil please?
waiter : sure sure (senyum tersipu-sipu)

We left Bill some tips for his ke-comelan.

* I know its not THAT funny, but at that moment, i swear to god, aku ketawe terbahak2 sampai saket perot.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm taking off on my last day of internship!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Family Day 2009

Oh well, this time we picked Banjaran Sendayu Camp in perkampungan Org Asli somewhere in Gombak for our Family Camping/Day location.
There were Red & Blue teams
Of course la Im in Hot Red team right? ahaks!
Our little tiny tentOne Bebeh!
cam whores : Its in our bloooood
Futsal yeah!

Go Go Shid!
OK we were sore Loser! ahaha
Family Day 2009
It was the most Super Duper Awesome family day we ever had! Congrats to all AJK's involved!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The king of fruits

The whole office bau DURIAN ! The mat sallehs started to curse and the rest started to whisper around, wondering where this strong aroma came from. And me, sitting innocently in front of my desk while sipping bubur durian I brought from home. muahaha. biarlah I cant help it.

saye mmg HANTU DURIAN pon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A note

Everybody has their own life-history. I have mine too. But its too pathetic and painful as I always tried not to think or mention about it.

My life started to change when im 14. I mixed with the wrong bunch of people and my life turned upside down. A fucked-up one.My parents were my no.1 enemy. At one point, I was so curious and eager to taste the 'fun of life' and I hate myself for being such a terrible daughter. I was completely engrossed by all those stupid and disgrace things I thought were cool back then.Being a typical youngster, I couldnt think the rasionality of my behaviour and blamed others. Seriously, if I could turn back time , I would go back and give a nice slap to 15 years old Ernie.

Thank god, I found few amazing people when I turned 16 and they changed my perspective of life indirectly.

Why am I posting this? Because Im sad. I am sad watching all these young girls trying so hard to fit in. They do things without realizing they are jeopardizing their own future. I wish I could just confront and tell them that I UNDERSTAND.

People always thought, oh ern baek, ern xbuat tu,ern xbuat ni, ern xsalu club, ern xdrink, ern xsmoke, ern is such a naif girl. ern xslalu kua malam..haha.I can just laugh to myself. And because of this, people always thought Im the judgemental type and I dont understand whereas I know things way wayyyyyy better.Its funny when people tried to sneak to do stuff in front of me , aku senyum je.

I am now a completly new-born Ernie. I am ultimately happy with my life at the moment. I am over this curious-stage of life YEARS ago which most of the people around me are having right now. I had enough and biarlah saye jadi si naif. I considered all these as part of learning in life, and I have learnt my lesson.

To mom and dad,
I will never ever dissapoint you again. Everything I have achieved up until now is purely for you both. I love u.