Friday, January 30, 2009

Train problem again

oh today I reached bndr tsk seltn station damn early..7 am! but tidak disangke2 all STAR trains to kl stuck at Chan Sow Lin just imagine, ALL peeps (berjuta juta lemon)heading to KL this morning stranded there.little tiny small station.Then i called iylia and we both decided to take rapid bus to klcc from maluri.So yeah,klua awal from umh pon sampai ofis 8.30am.same jer.saye mahu kerete with a driver. =[

Thursday, January 29, 2009


These are some of the questions I wish my SV's could explain to me in a simple A-B-C steps :

1) how do we know how much bend, turn,degree we want the well to be?

2) how does the software calculate geological target to drilling target?

3) well designed will not be always vertical, it will turn,drop and build. so the casing should be
flexible right?

4) When we make a nudge plans,what are we nudging actually?is it the conductor or the casing
or both?

5) Im so so confuse with the placement of the wellhead(conductor), is it at the mud line or

6) If we dont have any hole&casing datas from the client, what should we do to decrease the
position uncertainty?

arghhhhh.Tensioooooooooon.I will not be having all this confusions if im a petroleum engineering
student.Maybe you're wondering, kenape tak tanye jer klo dah penin sgt kan? I did! few times in fact! ni lah problem org lampi.huhu.help2.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr Faiz

Ok.The birthday was few weeks ago (sorry baru now nak post) ,its on 17th december 2008 to be exact.Its on wednesday,working day so i decided to suprise him at his office after work.

Suprise saye menjadiiii~ I bought him a slice of cheese cake n 1 candle.hehe.

OH happy birthday sayangggg

Mr Faiz and his 21st birtday cake

Friday, January 9, 2009


haha. i knew it.saye nie, semangat tahi ayam jer nk blog2. Baru few posts da malas.

so,here it goes.(nak menunjukkan i have the effort to be a good blogger)

This morning i was really reaaaaalllyyy late.I leaved the house as usual at 6.50(yeah its a.m) and then stuck in this super massive jam in front of Plaza Phoenix on my way to Bandar Tasik
Selatan station.Then i took STAR straight to Masjid Jamek at 7.40 am.When i reached Masjid
Jamek, i had to walk down through the tunnel(which took me about 5 mins) to Putra lrt
pulak.Lepas tu I had to wait in a longgggg queue.benci gilee.Finally, i got into the train at 8.10. I was soo stressed up in the train,how I wish this train would go faster. suddenly, jeng-jeng... I
saw this one advert on the wall of the train

" Chicken Rice is now available in KFC"
(sorry we cant make this train go faster)
That!...brought a smile on my face.klaka la kau ni kfc,tau2 jer whats on my mind.Oh cerita tak
habes lg.When I reached Ampang park,saye pon berjalan with a smile on my face to menara
tan&tan(this one took me about 10mins) and masok keje dgn happy nye eventhough im late for
25 mins.haha.