Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carlsbad Cavern,New Mexico

So it was Memorial Weekend last week. I guess it's a day where people in the US give tributes to people who died serving the US armed forces.

Well I was bored so me & a friend decided to go to a cavern which is about 3hrs journey. The driving wasnt that bad since both of us already used to drive long distance. Anyway that was my second caving trip in the US. It was pretty cool but u know, caves will always be caves. Dont expect too much :)

The first day

As I walked into Academy to other day, I sensed people were looking at me very strangely. Even the salesperson wasnt even bother to look at my face when she aswered my question regarding sizes for Nike running shoe that I really wanted to buy. Is it so weird? I guess so.

When I walked into the workshop (my workplace), people keep asking the same question 100x, and I answer them 100x patiently.Just to make sure they understand, just to let them learn something new on that day. I'm glad when people come to me & ask questions, because I can explain to them the reasons behind my act-eventually changing their perceptions based on what they watch on CNN.

To tell the truth,I'm not scared. In fact I feel so blessed :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


If you get the chance to visit USA, dont go to those overrated places eg LA, New York but spend sometime in this state, Colorado. Amazingly beautiful.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I promised myself long time ago, that I will travel to as much places possible whenever I'm working.
So thats what I did, and I still have a lot of places that I really wanted to go.

Do you know why? It is not so much because of the fact that I can put up nice pictures on facebook, but the reason is mainly because I want to see the world through other people's eyes. Believe me when I say, everytime you do that, you will get to know yourself better! U'll start to discover a lot of things about yourself that you never really knew. It is fun, trust me!

Getting to know myself is the best life lesson.I always have this reminder in my heart :

'Don't try to chase facts about other people when you barely know the facts about yourself '

When we know ourselves better, we become less angry, less whiny, we understand that some things in life happen  for a reason, we become more gratitude on what we have rather than complaining on things we don't have in hand, we're not interested anymore in playing finger-pointing-blaming games, we become brave enough to admit our mistakes, we start to prioritize things in our life, we start to realize the word 'cool' is not cool anymore & whenever we face difficulties or arguments, we have this ability to put ourselves in other's shoes. We become adults, we become wise.  

Because the first step to become a better person, is to fix & improve your inner self and like what we expected, it is the hardest thing ever.