Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ellaa elaa elaa eh eh eh

I had this weird dream last night..

I went back to my old school, with pes and maybe maria ( haha, i think its you).At that time, there was a function going on, as there were a lot of people wearing casual (mungkin Hari Kantin or Open Day, ambik report card). Then, I went up the escalator ( yes, mmg sah mimpi) and I heard someone singing and people were cheering crazily. Suddenly, I heard the intro part of Umbrella song...and to my suprise, when I looked at the stage, I saw Jay-Z yawwww singging the rap part of Umbrella.

" No clouds in my storms, Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank....eh eh"

And suddenly Rihanna appeared! its was freakin real rihanna, but with longer hair ( just like mine, hehe) . She started singing

" You had my heart, and we'll never be world apart..."

By the time she reached the chorus part, I started to feel really annoyed with her performance.gedik gile lah...and suddenly people started to boo-ing her as well. haha.padan muke....I only remembered up until that part jer,peace!

Ok, back to work ern.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maria oh Mariot!

The title has nothing to do with the post, purely to advertise my roomate's name! wuhuuu i love u roomate!

Pes will kill me for posting this pic.Sorry syg!

Oh btw we were at Bukit Tinggi. Nice and awesome scenery.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Red-Box dikala Lunch Hour?

Why bother to be friends with someone who keeps pushing us away?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Apa di ingatkan pada masa yang lalu,
Cuba kau lihat tenungi mataku,
terungkap beribu lagu hanyalah untukmu,
tiada yang lain lagi
pada senyum mu pada tawamu kasih
ada kebahagian ku warna hidup ini
- radiostar, pada senyummu-
Lets go jalan-jalan lagi, mahu?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh Jerebu

I love my desk view.But today, I saw nothing.Not even KLtower.

Its all because of the stupid haze. ergh.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I hate the fact that I live far far away from everybody. I don't think they care but its driving me crazy.

Isabella 98

Yes.I had a lot of fun last monday celebrating my after-final-presentation-celebration session.Haha..and I purposely took off the next day and woke up at 2pm and had my lunch at 4pm with my dearie nad.
Thank you everyone, jom karaoke lagi!

p/s : seriously jahat gile bg aku part zamani lagu isabella, 2 3 patah pekataan je dpt nyanyi! hurmphh

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beautiful Mess

One tuesday evening...

A : I suke laa name 'daisy'. If ade anak nak letak name tu lah

B: Oh? okey.I know one perfect nickname for her, 'Dei' hahaha

A: What about 'Anabell'?

B: Bole panggil 'Ane'? heee

A: urgh. if 'Mapple'?

B: I panggil die 'Maple' haha

p/s : Pakai jer la name2 melayu.jgn berangan nk english names. =]

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Po-Po-Po-Poker Face,ma-ma-ma-ma

I spent my saturday night last weekend at my dearest, nadya's house. She planned a poker-night and we were expecting our friends later that night. By 12am, there were only me,nad,pes, helmi & fareez (biasela org melayu punye janji) so we played RACE for I dont know how many runs while waiting. Around 1.30am Farhan showed up, followed by wan askar,rafiq, & syafiq. So we started playing poker..and trust me, that was my first time!! I am soo noobs until farhan had to sketched a poker bible for me...

So everytime I get my cards, I'll check one by one to see wether I should go on or just fold. ( I sensed my kelembapan annoyed everyone, haha). I have no luck almost all the time that night, though I think I almost win once.We stopped playing at 4.30am because helmi needs to go back to nilai and go to work by 7.30am at putrajaya and fareez has a grad rehearsal that morning as well.

I am looking forward for the next poker-night although saye sgt sux in this game.thank you.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Ive been tagged by maria one month ago.Saye tau tag ini sudah basi, tp better be late than never right?
Anda rasa anda hot?
Upload gamba kegemaran anda

This is actually the same picture, just in different version

Kenapa anda suka gambar ni?

Because terserlah ke-swine-an saye dan roomate! haha

Bile kali terakhir mkn pizza?

One month ago kot, di look out point.Ketika ber-double date.

Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikn tag ni?

Facebook & ber-texting

Selain nama sndri, anda suka dipanggil dgn nama apa?

Ern, kakak,sayang hehe

Tag lg 7 org?

1. Iylia izzati

2. Nadya

3. erlisya

4. ivan gomez

5. sha

6. jepp

7. sesiape yg belom pernah di tag