Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh Test!

Some people are gifted with so many talent naturally,

Just like my sister, she's so good in music and art,

Just like my mom, she's so good in cooking (who's mom doesnt?)

Just like my cousin, shidah , she's so good socializing with people,

Just like my dad, he's so good in repairing/fixing every single thing in the house ( electrical, piping, television, oven etc etc)

There are times where I usually questioned myself, am I gifted like the rest of them?


  1. ernie, you sangatlah gifted okayyyyyyyyyy.

  2. you can singggggg!
    yes you are, yes you are


  3. OMG. You nyanyi sgt la sedap. and you sgt la pandai.
    what more do you need womaaaan? hahaha