Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Family Day 2009

Oh well, this time we picked Banjaran Sendayu Camp in perkampungan Org Asli somewhere in Gombak for our Family Camping/Day location.
There were Red & Blue teams
Of course la Im in Hot Red team right? ahaks!
Our little tiny tentOne Bebeh!
cam whores : Its in our bloooood
Futsal yeah!

Go Go Shid!
OK we were sore Loser! ahaha
Family Day 2009
It was the most Super Duper Awesome family day we ever had! Congrats to all AJK's involved!


  1. ernie! u got blog ;)
    i'm jz wondering. ur link yg ade nama aizoo tuh? as in aizoo ana dulu tu??

  2. hello Elly!

    urm yaa,its him..hehe

    btw linked urs