Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ellaa elaa elaa eh eh eh

I had this weird dream last night..

I went back to my old school, with pes and maybe maria ( haha, i think its you).At that time, there was a function going on, as there were a lot of people wearing casual (mungkin Hari Kantin or Open Day, ambik report card). Then, I went up the escalator ( yes, mmg sah mimpi) and I heard someone singing and people were cheering crazily. Suddenly, I heard the intro part of Umbrella song...and to my suprise, when I looked at the stage, I saw Jay-Z yawwww singging the rap part of Umbrella.

" No clouds in my storms, Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank....eh eh"

And suddenly Rihanna appeared! its was freakin real rihanna, but with longer hair ( just like mine, hehe) . She started singing

" You had my heart, and we'll never be world apart..."

By the time she reached the chorus part, I started to feel really annoyed with her performance.gedik gile lah...and suddenly people started to boo-ing her as well. haha.padan muke....I only remembered up until that part jer,peace!

Ok, back to work ern.


  1. awat hang ni..
    i tau u cintakan si rihanna kan.. chill la. hahahaa!!

  2. taaaaak. i lagi rela mimpi psl lady gaga okeyyy!
    cmon laa..JAY-Z & RIHANNA ????? tak make sense at all~