Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Po-Po-Po-Poker Face,ma-ma-ma-ma

I spent my saturday night last weekend at my dearest, nadya's house. She planned a poker-night and we were expecting our friends later that night. By 12am, there were only me,nad,pes, helmi & fareez (biasela org melayu punye janji) so we played RACE for I dont know how many runs while waiting. Around 1.30am Farhan showed up, followed by wan askar,rafiq, & syafiq. So we started playing poker..and trust me, that was my first time!! I am soo noobs until farhan had to sketched a poker bible for me...

So everytime I get my cards, I'll check one by one to see wether I should go on or just fold. ( I sensed my kelembapan annoyed everyone, haha). I have no luck almost all the time that night, though I think I almost win once.We stopped playing at 4.30am because helmi needs to go back to nilai and go to work by 7.30am at putrajaya and fareez has a grad rehearsal that morning as well.

I am looking forward for the next poker-night although saye sgt sux in this game.thank you.

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