Thursday, January 29, 2009


These are some of the questions I wish my SV's could explain to me in a simple A-B-C steps :

1) how do we know how much bend, turn,degree we want the well to be?

2) how does the software calculate geological target to drilling target?

3) well designed will not be always vertical, it will turn,drop and build. so the casing should be
flexible right?

4) When we make a nudge plans,what are we nudging actually?is it the conductor or the casing
or both?

5) Im so so confuse with the placement of the wellhead(conductor), is it at the mud line or

6) If we dont have any hole&casing datas from the client, what should we do to decrease the
position uncertainty?

arghhhhh.Tensioooooooooon.I will not be having all this confusions if im a petroleum engineering
student.Maybe you're wondering, kenape tak tanye jer klo dah penin sgt kan? I did! few times in fact! ni lah problem org lampi.huhu.help2.


  1. maybe u dapat penyakit lampi from me la... sorry ern!! tapi sabar la. in time insyallah u paham =)

  2. 1)target reservoir, and KOP, stable formations.

    2)tny software builder

    3)casing amat panjang and behave like benang

    4)nudge tu ape

    5) below platform, if land rig,atas tanah

    6) tak tau.

    harap dapat menolong sedikit. (sedikiitt je)

    hahah =D