Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Today,we(9 of us) went to great eastern mall,henry the bos blanje.Sort of like a 'farewell' lunch for Syaz (this month is the last month of her internship).makan mcm org gila sepulo hari kebulor.huhu.Thana ( my sv) told us some stupid jokes along the way.Plus henry & jason punye lame jokes.it was fun. Then we went back.

Just about to continue with my work suddenly org finance panggil.so we went down to level 12th (im in level 25,so have to change lift n everything)

Kak finance : "dek tolong wat filing ek,niiiiiiiiiiiiii sume invoice,u just need to suson2 n masok dlm file"

Syaz : "sume ni ke kak?"

Kak finance : "yup,ala senang jer"

Ern : "damn you,kalo senang knape ko xbuat sendiri!! " (dalam hati)

Ern : " We are interns,not your kuli batak,dah la department laen.SV aku pon tak suro buat all this un-related work" (dalam hati lagi)

So dgn terpinge2 we all pon start sort the invoice,bills and claim forms in alphabetical order. A LOT. A LOOOOOT of them.Thousands of them!!!

haih.thanks finance people for making my life miserable today.i hate you.

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