Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Gathering 2008

Date : 28th Dec 2008
Venue : ISI Rimba (near zoo negara)

So as usual,there will be a family gathering session at the end of the year. Pak su Boy and his wife ( the party planner) chose ISI Rimba, in order for the rest of the family to gather,relax, gossiping,eating, and do some other activities mainly to tighten the bonds among the family members.specially family member like me! (xknal name sedare sendiri ,knal muke je)

Macam biase 'pot luck' tradision, can bring anything we want but wajib each family bring one ekor ayam, 1 kilo ikan (for bbq) and 2 bottles of minerel water.
So here are some of the pics.hihi

gedik siot

so nice rite ?

the family

spot the cam freak wearing blue colour tshirt ( the only one yg pandang camera)

I fall in love with this one. pak long tapa & wife

yeap.we all had sooo much fun, specially the paintball game! looking forward for our next family gathering.love you all.happy new year!!!


  1. ern, selamat datang! nehehe.

    best nampak family day, dlm pix tu.

    kitorg pun ade, =p

    linked urs.

  2. erney pn ade blog!


    teruskn menulis, ya. :D

  3. haha...
    yup2,dok ofis boring laaaa..tu yg jadik bloggger neh..

    p/s : lincat! rinduuuu kamu juge!

  4. eh mcm best je tempat tu. kat mana??

  5. oh dekat jer,dekat blakang zoo negare! i pon baru tau this place.