Friday, June 15, 2012


Came to a point of life where I enjoy:

1) Observing people, rather than being observed,

2) Listening to what people are saying, rather than being listened

3) Working without being paid, rather than following working hours,

4) Tasting different kind of food every weekend, rather than just holding back my appetite (like what I used to do before hehe :P)

5) Saving money to buy a house & to send both parents for Hajj, insyaallah, rather than.. marriage? (This is not my first priority at the moment haha)

6) Shutting myself from outside world when I just too tired, exhausted with life, rather than announcing my fruststation in public

Alhamdullilah my journey has always accompanied by Allah swt, He gave me the strength when I needed the most.

Goodnight :)

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