Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pesanan untuk diri sendiri (dan juga orang orang lain)

I think, I should stop now.

Tapi , nak jalan terus. Tapi, itukan salah, a big NO.

When the light turns to red, you better stop. Or else, you might end up hurting other people, someone you love, so badly or worst, yourself.

So when it is time to stop, you better stop. Regardless how tempting the thoughts of keep going.

Tapi, mampukah?

p/s : Drive carefully ya semua.Berhenti di lampu isyarat merah. peace (-_-)


  1. owh..very good post...
    impliedly..when talk about red color, it mean warning that u have to stop..like at the traffic light...
    or like you love someone that belong to someone else..u have to stoop too...like when u are in period, u cannot having sex with your husband..hehehe:)

  2. Even though Can't Stop is a hell of a good song, yes Ern, we can stop :)


  3. Nurul,

    Totally correct! :)

    Ilai Elena,

    *Can't stop addicted to the shindig!*

    True, True (angguk angguk) :D