Thursday, August 12, 2010

mo tol tille ranna

Virtuoso is just not simply a music band.

Tengok tu, lelaki lelaki kacak & perempuan perempuan cantik,

They lightened up my days in every way,

They made me realized how capable I am to love and care about so many people.

Mereka yang membuat semuanya jadi indah,

And with that, I would like to thank each & everyone of you for your endless love & support and I hope you will continue your support and Stand By Me. :)

(dum dum, dum dum dum,dum, insert bass intro of Stand by Me here)


  1. Virtuoso is a curse, we must avoid Virtuoso!

    But would we do so? Haha, I know I wouldn't.

    Saya sayang Virtuoso. :D

  2. Indeed it's a curse :)

    Hey ada bassline I! Note pertama tu adalah G - B - C by the way. You bawa gitar ke Miri?

  3. Tak lahh. :(

    Brg terlalu byk! Takpe, nanti ada duit saya beli baru!

    Oh I should start thinking about his name! :)