Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Elephant

My mid semester break ended too fast for me. It was not even a holiday break, just an extra of two days off.Thanks to the two tests I had just now.
Though it was not the best holiday ever, I managed to go for an outing session at the zoo.

Night Safari in Zoo Taiping
! Aha! =)

It was a fun trip : The sunset was freaking gorgeous, the magga i bought at Bukit Gantang R&R was super sweet, we had the best Mee Udang ever! , the animals were amazing, and we witnessed two shooting stars after one another that night!

Mimpi yang indah-indah.


  1. Heyy i like like like the picture! :D

  2. Terima kasih! Itu dari camera Ina! :D