Friday, December 19, 2008

tinggi nyer

haha.i dont know why im creating this not good in writing,im not good in translating what i feel into if ade org nak bace this piece of crap.maybe im just bored facing the laptop everyday from 8-5.if im not looking at the screen, i'll be looking outside my window (in front of my desk).saye nampak kl tower and klcc..tinggiiii nye.and plus this awesome condominium!! (if keje 10 tahun pon i dont know if i can afford that place)

well, at the moment im writing a summary on my literature reviews.haih.intern mmg penat.last night i slept at 7.30pm,pecaye x? hihi.cant wait for tomorrow(saturday).yeayy! nak pegi dating. =]

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